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More and more consumers are taking out a installment loan to buy a car, refurbish the home or finance a vacation. In 2012, around 7.7 million new loan agreements were concluded in Germany.

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We work together with numerous partner banks throughout Germany, so that you can save yourself an expensive loan comparison. Working people and retirees between the age of 18 and 80 years can apply for a loan from us.
Since each installment loan provider calculates different loan conditions, it is important to compare multiple offers to find the cheapest loan. Even financing offers from car dealers or furniture stores is usually a installment loan. These companies usually work only with a bank, so that the buyer must accept the terms of this bank. In many cases, however, it turns out that there are cheaper interest rates with another lender.

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On our website you just have to enter the amount of loan you want and tell us how much you can spend as a monthly repayable loan. In addition, we ask for the indication of the purpose of use, since eg for a car purchase other collateral are provided as for the financing of a vacation or for a real estate loan .
After submitting the loan application we will contact you within 24 hours. Due to the large number of our partner banks, we usually receive several loan offers, of which we pass this on to you with the best conditions. In this way, you save a lot of time because you do not have to make an appointment at the bank branch to apply for a loan.
The loan request is free and without obligation; You decide for yourself whether you want to accept our loan offer or not. If you have questions, our competent customer service is available by phone or email.

Installment Loan – General Information

With a installment loan, the borrower receives the full loan amount. In the loan agreement, the lender informs the borrower of the monthly repayment rate and how many installments have to be paid until the entire amount is repaid.
The borrower not only has to repay the borrowed amount, but also interest and handling fees, in some cases, account maintenance fees and, if applicable, the residual debt insurance premium.
The conclusion of a residual debt insurance is voluntary. The costs and fees increase the total amount, which must be repaid in installments. The borrower should pay attention to low lending rates, as the monthly rate is lower or the loan repaid faster. It is also advisable to have some flexibility in the repayment, such as the suspension of a rate or the possibility of unscheduled repayments.

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