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Stax Review for 2021 (formerly Fattmerchant): Price, Features, Alternatives


Stax (formerly Fattmerchant) is a merchant service provider known for its subscription pricing, transparency, and 0% markup on interchange rates. It’s a good choice for medium or large businesses that handle a decent amount of monthly sales.

For a monthly subscription (without contract), users receive the payment terminal of their choice as well as Stax Pay, Stax’s integrated payment platform. This platform, included with all of its terminal solutions, has features such as custom reporting, statements, invoicing, inventory, and access to a customer success team at no additional cost.

Stax offers three subscription levels for small businesses:

  • Ultimate: $ 199 per month.

These plans are designed for businesses that process up to $ 500,000 per year. Custom pricing is available for businesses that exceed this limit. Additional features, such as one-click purchase cards or integration with QuickBooks Online Pro, are available at an additional cost.

Here’s what’s included in each of the Stax subscription plans:

Growth: $ 99 per month

The Growth subscription includes:

  • 0% mark-up on interchange rates.

  • Next day financing options.

  • Tokenized and encrypted customer data.

  • Free terminal or mobile reader.

  • Free overload capabilities.

  • Dashboards and basic analyzes.

Pro: $ 159 per month

The Pro package includes everything in the Growth Plan plus:

  • Mobile payments by SMS.

  • Payment links to be included on websites.

  • A secure way to keep customers’ credit cards on file.

  • Integration with accounting software including QuickBooks Online.

  • API key integration capabilities.

  • Improved dashboards and reports.

Ultimate: $ 199 per month

The Ultimate plan includes all of the above features, plus:

  • Recurring invoices and scheduled payments.

  • Automatic updates for stored credit cards (e.g. updated card numbers if cards expire.)

  • One-click shopping cart configuration with catalog management.

  • Dashboards and advanced reports.

  • Data exports (i.e. transactions, customers).

  • Dedicated account manager.

Stax By Fattmerchant payment processing

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on the Stax by Fattmerchant website

Membership-based pricing

Stax pricing is straightforward with a consistent monthly subscription price, no additional fees or contracts, and a 0% markup on the exchange. You will know roughly how much you will pay each month and what you will get for that price.

Outstanding features

A substantial list of features is included with every Stax subscription. You will have access to a centralized portal where you can access your customer database, inventory, invoicing and more. The more expensive plans also include great features for handling online sales.

Not a good option for businesses with low sales

While transparent monthly subscription fees can be beneficial for some, it can also be difficult if you are on the smaller side of the business spectrum. If you are processing a smaller volume of monthly sales, the amount saved may not be enough to offset subscription fees.

Stax By Fattmerchant payment processing

Stax by Fattmerchant

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Dharma trading services

Dharma trading services is a merchant service provider with three main offerings: B2B, Retail and Small Business and Restaurant Solutions. Its low cost pricing is interchange plus for all of its offerings, which means you pay the interchange rate plus a markup and a fixed fee per transaction, such as 0.2% plus 10 cents per transaction. Prices vary by industry and type of card. There is a monthly fee of $ 25, but the company has no early termination fees and offers discounted rates for processing over $ 100,000 per month and for qualified nonprofits. T


Square is a technology-based point of sale system. The company’s technology connects to mobile devices, allowing businesses to call and bill customers quickly and easily. POS software is free; you only pay when you receive the payment. The transaction rate depends on the hardware product you are using. Like Stax, Square offers a variety of different options, comes with a lot of free features, and doesn’t have any hidden fees.


Helcim is a merchant account provider that offers retail and online options. Each option offers monthly payment processing with premium pricing regardless of the number of cards processed. The price depends on your type of business and the monthly payment volume.

Like Stax, Helcim has no introductory prices, premium fees, cancellation fees or hidden fees. It also offers a variety of different features besides payment processing. Despite these benefits, company equipment is not automatically included in your cost.


Stripe is perhaps one of the most well-known payment processors in the industry. It offers pay-as-you-go pricing with no setup, cancellation, monthly, or hidden fees. The price is the same for all types of credit card transactions, a fixed percentage rate for ACH – and variable for other types of payments. It also has great developer tools, features, and support.

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