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Klarna Selects Liberis to Provide Revenue-Based Financing to Ecommerce Businesses in 17 Countries


LONDON, June 29, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Global Integrated Corporate Finance Platform Liberis announced today that it has been selected by Klarna, the global leader in payment and purchasing services, for a strategic collaboration to provide additional financial services to Klarna merchants. Through this partnership, Liberis will initially provide income-based financing to traders in Klarna.

Klarna, one of the Europe most valuable private technology companies, provides 250,000 merchants in 17 countries with a payment and payment suite that enables their consumers to “buy now, pay later”. Now, thanks to Liberis, Klarna can also offer its merchant partners flexible, pre-approved financing solutions with fair and equitable payment terms based on their income and actual transactions.

Rob straathof, CEO of Liberis: “By making finance more personalized, intuitive and accessible, we in turn enable our partners to improve the engagement, satisfaction and loyalty of their own customers. This symbiotic relationship benefits everyone. We are proud to have been selected by Klarna, one of the most successful and admired FinTech companies, in our shared mission to support the growth of small businesses around the world. “

Straathof continues, “Klarna’s ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ feature has enabled merchants to serve their customers for many years. We are excited to extend this functionality by providing these businesses with a flexible financing option, integrated with Klarna’s platform, that will reinforce tough times and times of growth. “

How it works

Liberis API technology can be integrated directly into the platforms of its partners. These partners, usually e-commerce or payment platforms such as Klarna, can then provide their end customers with a value-added revenue-based financing service, with payment terms based on their actual transaction data.

The whole process is managed transparently within the Klarna ecosystem. Personalized and pre-approved financing offers are displayed in their dashboard or Klarna app. If interested, the merchant can go through a quick approval and subscription process and receive the funds within two business days of the request.

All transactions for finance – both receiving and paying – take place in the merchant’s Klarna account, at a pre-set rate of their choice.

Income-based funding options will be available immediately to Klarna merchants around the world in the coming months.

About Libéris

Liberis is the world’s leading integrated finance platform. Founded in 2007, it provides e-commerce and payments partners with technology platforms and financial solutions for hyper-personalized and fair financing for their small business clients. Based in the UK, Liberis empowers businesses and delivers a positive impact. It has financed more than 17,000 SMEs around the world with more than $ 700 million. Liberis is backed by British Business Investments, Paragon and SVB. Learn more about liberis.com.

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