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Crypto hacked, payment account costs on the rise


The value of hacked PayPal accounts increased in 2021, while verified cryptocurrency accounts will cost you a pretty dime, research originally analyzed and published by wette.de reveals.

In September, such an account was worth 9.2 cents for every dollar in the account. That’s almost triple the 3.1 cents it was valued at at the start of the year. With an average PayPal account analyzed containing $ 2,133.61, this gives an average account value of $ 196.50. The average value of individual accounts was $ 161.59, premium accounts $ 186.31, and business accounts $ 246.

Even with the increased value, the popularity of PayPal as a payment device among payment processors keeps them cheap in comparison. Citing data from Privacy Affairs, the price of a hacked TransferGo account averages $ 510, while a Weststein account is $ 710. A verified Stripe account is worth $ 1,000. Prices also vary due to the insurance and cybersecurity procedures used by each company.

Those in the market for cloned physical cards may have to pay more depending on the brand they are looking for. According to Comparitech, a MasterCard is the most expensive at 6.47 cents on the dollar, a little above Discover’s 6.27 cents. Next come Visa at 5.75 and American Express at 5.13. The higher the credit limit, the more expensive it is. Prices also increase the later the card expires.

The country of origin is also taken into account in the price. Because there are so many cards held by Americans that their price of $ 17 is less than half the world average, according to Privacy Affairs. Spanish and Japanese cards cost an average of $ 40 while Israeli cards cost $ 65, the highest price in the world.

Scammers don’t stop at cards, Privacy Affairs advised. A reputable eBay account with a minimum of 1,000 entries can cost $ 1,000. Cryptocurrency accounts are becoming popular and it is attracting interest from hackers. A verified blockchain.com account runs around $ 310 and one based in the US LocalBitcoins.com $ 350 clocks. Verified Kraken accounts are worth an average of $ 810, Coinbase $ 610, and Binance $ 410. crypto.com accounts cost only $ 300.


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