Credit for account balance

Again and again, ask yourself who permanently clears your account with you? Or why at the end of the money so damn much month is left? for a critique

Many millions of consumers are reappraised each month that their expenses are out of line with their revenues, and therefore the account is permanently in the red. Anyone who has a good grip on this phase of overdraft and can quickly find a balance again does not have to worry about it and can look to the future with ease. After all, everyone can once live beyond their means.

However, if you are one of those consumers who can not manage their finances and the account is always in the red, then you should think about how to change it. Because permanently on the hook is not good. Even more so, if the interest rates for an overdraft or the use of Dispos are as high as they currently present.

A loan as the optimal solution

Now you can try to put some money aside every month to get an account balance. However, you will soon realize that your efforts are going to fail. Because the high interest rates eat up your savings and you will not be able to see any success in your efforts. Is not it better to bet on a loan for an account settlement?

A credit for account balance brings many benefits. On the one hand, it provides enough relaxation in your checking account. The debts are lost in one fell swoop and you do not have to worry about how you can explain the minus in the account to the bank. On top of that you have more room for new issues and no longer have to calculate exactly.

In addition, a credit for account balance is much cheaper than an overdraft or the use of Dispos. While you have to expect an overdraft with 20 percent interest and 15 percent interest on the use of the disposable, you get the credit for account balance with a good credit rating with an effective interest rate of less than 3 percent. A difference that is quite remarkable and helps to save many Euros.

So the loan can be taken up

With a credit balance loan, you should not wait too long to decide on it. Because the longer your account stays in the downside, the more impatient the bank becomes. And once this is finished with your patience, then the bank can also terminate your account. However, this would make it extremely difficult to borrow, because you not only get a negative entry in the credit bureau, but sometimes also have no reference account, but you urgently need for borrowing.

Therefore, think about a loan in good time and, at best, look for it with the help of a comparison you make over the internet. The comparison will not only help you find the best loan offers. He also helps with taking out the loan because you can apply for it directly from the loan calculator.

In addition, the Krditrechner shows you only the loans that would really come into question for you. Because it is based on the information that you have made in advance of the loan. So you can specify not only your desired loan amount, but also the desired monthly installments. Do not calculate too close and prefer to set at a smaller rate, than at a too high rate. Although you can repay the loan to the bank faster with the help of a large rate. But you also have a greater risk of default and run the risk to make new debt elsewhere. Be sure to make sure there is enough room for other expenses and your income is not fully budgeted for fixed costs and credit.