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66% of the best consumers go digital to pay their bills


Over 66% of electricity consumers at Bombay Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) have gone digital to pay their electricity bills. BEST’s sustained initiatives have led its consumers to adapt to the digital interface, officials said. In October of this year, out of the total 6.81 lakh payments received, 4.5 lakh were made through digital payment methods.

According to data provided by BEST, compared to September, an additional 32,492 people took the digital route to pay their electricity bills in October. The commitment aims to encourage

100% of its consumers to go digital. For this, he made persistent efforts to raise awareness to move payments in cash or by check to the digital interface.

A senior official said that paying bills online not only saves time, but also benefits the BEST. He added that the online mode is also more environmentally friendly as it is a paperless transaction. “To encourage digitization, we have launched a raffle program to reward one electricity consumer in each district each month,” said a senior BEST executive, adding that to date, 27 electricity consumers, who switched to the online mode for paying bills, were rewarded with attractive prices. The device was launched in September.

Prizes include washing machines, refrigerators, placemats, food processors, blenders, and gadgets like cell phones. In addition, BEST also decided to give Rs 10 per person as an incentive to its consumers, which motivated other consumers to switch to digital mode for payment. To register for this incentive, a form is available on the BEST website, which consumers must fill out with relevant details, including their bank details.

“We hope that our initiative will help us achieve our goal of 100% digitization,” said Lokesh Chandra, Managing Director of BEST.

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Posted on: Sunday November 28, 2021 8:32 am IST