58,000 euros credit – now even from 585 euros a month

Before 58000 euro credit is taken, one should inform oneself sufficiently. The conditions must be visible.

It must be found out if the income is enough to repay the loan 58,000 euros. So a preparation time should be scheduled. Anyone who chooses too fast for a loan may make mistakes that can not be reversed.

Is the customer solvent enough?


Whether a € 58000 loan is awarded is not just about the income. Many factors play a role here. The credit bureau, the current income and the debts that may exist, play a role.

It has to be determined if the customer is solvent to repay a 58000 euro credit. Depending on the creditworthiness then the amount decided by the credit, which is taken up. The monthly expenses should be compared with the current revenues. This way, the customer can calculate whether he has any money left in the month.

After deduction of all living expenses, loan installments and other expenses, an amount must be left free. With this, the rate of the 58000 euro loan can be paid off. On the basis of the documents of the customer is checked whether it is possible to give the loan 58000 euros.

58000 euro credit – with guarantor


Lending with guarantors is basically possible. The applicant must prove a salary. Even if this should be below the attachment exemption amount. However, it must be expected that the loan will be very small.

With a small loan amount, the credit default risk is reduced. The guarantor must then come into force if the applicant can not repay the installments. The loan rates will not be high, so usually the borrower can pay them.

If that is not possible, it is better to try to find a second applicant. He is immediately responsible for the installments. The rates for the loan could be deducted from the account of the second applicant.

This presupposes, however, that the second applicant has a higher income than the borrower himself. It should be attachable, so that the 58000 euro loan is sufficiently secured.

So you learn how expensive the loan is


To know how expensive the 58000 euro loan really is, a loan calculator should be used. The customer only has to enter a term of 120 months, which equates to ten years, for the loan of 58,000 euros.

Then he receives the first offer of the Creditload Bank. The interest indicated by the bank is between 3.99 percent and 10.99 percent. The customer has to pay a monthly loan of 584.99 euros for this 58000 euro loan.

Below at the listing, the client sees the offer of the GenOrf bank. This offer is only available to selected customers. The fixed interest rate of 5.95 percent is independent of credit rating. The monthly rate is offered at 637.93 euros.

The extra-credit also has an offer for the loan 58000 euros. The interest rate is between 9.95 percent and 15.95 percent, whereby a rate of 751.24 euros comes about.